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What happens at a grad school orientation? I’ve got mine in an hour. Wonder how much of it could happen online?

UPDATE: Nearly all of the presentations could have happened online (if they needed to happen at all). This thing was a drag. Only highlight was the free lunch.

One person I ate with observed the omission of any explanation of activities, student groups, intramural sports … anything fun.

Here’s another thought: Build a Facebook group for the incoming crop of graduate students. Dump a bunch of important logistical information there (blah blah blah). And then encourage the students to use the group to meet people with similar (or dissimilar) interests.

Then bring them together in a big room on campus (some might call this even orientation), and give them a chance to hang out with their new friends. Online social network >>> on-campus social network. That would have been fun.


Written by patwalters

August 20, 2007 at 1:42 pm

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