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Scott Karp argues journalism isn’t static anymore. He’s got a point: People are leaving behind the daily newspaper in favor of the Web. The medium is changing … but is good journalism, the kind we find so little of in most newspapers today, ever really static?

Do the best reporters ever presume a story has ended? No. They keep in touch with their subjects, watch as those peoples’ lives continue to change, identify a significant moment … and write again.

(Yes … I know this last part is problematic. Who decides what is significant? What does significant mean?)

I’d like to find the old-school journalists who think this way. The crusty, gray-haired fixture with a thousand people in his Rolodex, each one of whom he knows on a first-name basis. The kind of journalist who knows (and talks routinely talks with), literally, everyone in town.

I suspect this guy loves the Web. He’s amazed by the diversity of ways it will let him talk with all the folks he knows. And he’s frustrated because he lives in a town with one traffic light, a single neighborhood bar and no access to broadband.

But that’s another problem …


Written by patwalters

August 21, 2007 at 10:39 pm

Posted in old media

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