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As I jetted out of the building on the way to the grocery store today, I ran into a couple of girls peering in the windows. They were from Kansas City and they’d come here seeking recruits. For a river adventure.

Here’s their pitch (transcribed from a small note they handed me):

For Kansas Citians the river is an invisable space. Its poisonous water is a dividing line, a historic novelty where casinos are trapped in moats and serial murderers dump their bodies.

We built a bicycle-powered paddle-wheel raft from discarded materials to experience the connections — people — places — ideas — the river offers to those who release themselves, those who live in a city on the water.

Now that we’re here, we don’t know what the river means to you. But we invite you to abandon your preconceptions and join us in pursuit of the possabilities.

We leave Saturday morning.

That’s a hell of an offer. And so here I am, stuck thinking about school and work and work. Wondering, as always, what it means that this note found its way to my hand on this day.

(Can I write this story?)


Written by patwalters

August 29, 2007 at 10:11 pm

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