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Tragedy: the view from the tracks (The St. Petersburg Times, July 2007)

The heartbreaking story of Billy Parker, a veteran Amtrak train engineer, brings to life the tragic episodes that serve as landmarks for all long-time drivers of trains. Appeared on the Sunday front page. Also ran in the The Florida Times-Union and The Miami Herald.

Manatee Morgue (Poynter Summer Fellowship, July 2006)

Where do Florida’s manatees go when they die? To a small, windowless lab in St. Petersburg, Fla. This story chronicles the attempted rescue, death and necropsy of a single female manatee.

Is freedom to speak, freedom to hate (The Review, February 2006)

Wolfe Hall was the last place anyone expected to find a neo-Nazi skinhead. But it was there that Bob Huber, headman of the hatecore band “Teardown,” was teaching introductory physics. Could the school throw him out?

on journalism

Facebook: What’s in it for Journalists (Poynter Online, July 2007)

It began as a place for college students to hook up, talk about hooks-ups and post pictures of said hook-ups. But it’s open to everyone now. And its explosive growth says some things about the ways people interact today — things journalists should pay attention to.

From Shame to Suicide: Is it Ever That Simple? (Poynter Online, June 2007)

How do we make sense of suicide? Can we? And what happens when a newspaper headline simplifies one of the most complex human behaviors, drawing a line from cause to effect, distorting the truth rather than clarifying it?

Breaking Old News: Brian Ross and the Foley Story (Poynter Online, October 2006)

For months, journalists suspected Mark Foley was up to no good. But the congressman didn’t make headlines until ABC News reporter Brian Ross read an e-mail and started asking questions. Why did the last reporter to get the tip break the story?

on me

Personal Narrative (Poynter Summer Fellowship, July 2006)

I build in words. My dad builds in steel. Where is our common ground?


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